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The best video editor on KALI LINUX

A new article in English for you with my basic English. I will explain a little about your installation and because it is the best.

 ¿What’s kdenlive?

Kdenlive is video editor. It features an intuitive interface, allows you to capture from your webcam or import almost any video format to edit. You can then apply many real time video and audio effects, then export your work in many different formats.


apt-get update
apt-get install kdenlive


  • Multi-track editing
  • Wide range of video formats accepted
  • Multiple realtime video and audio filters, transitions
  • Customizable layout


Kdenlive provides all of the critical features that I need in my video production workflow: multi-track editing, waveform displays on all clips with audio, custom title editing. It even has astoundingly capable blue screen and rotoscoping tools. I would say Kdenlive has the majority of tools and effects that most video projects will need (it certainly has everything I need).
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